My Kid Is Nothing Like Me

“When a child senses that a parent is disappointed in how he/she is, this creates a deep scar in the child's psyche, and a lack of feelings of self-worth. A child needs a parent's unconditional acceptance to develop their autonomy, to reach their potential, and to become who they truly are.” Quoted in this article on handling parents’ expectations of a child by Julia Ries.

How To Break Up With Your Therapist And Start Over With A New One

Research shows that a key factor determining the success of therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Happy to be quoted in this HuffingtonPost article on tips to navigate the steps of switching therapists, when therapy does not seem to be working for you.

How to get affordable mental health services?

I talked to NBCNews about Open Path Collective , a non-profit organization making mental health services more affordable to low-income individuals and families. This article lists several different options available for those seeking affordable psychotherapy services.

Interview with Vinodha Joly, LMFT

My interview as featured on on why I chose this career and the rewarding aspects of being a therapist.