What To Expect In Therapy


    We often get so busy in our daily routines and responsibilities that we don't pause to reflect on what we need to lead more fulfilling lives. Therapy provides you with a safe and supportive environment to work through the difficult issues in your life. As a psychotherapist, I am trained to be attuned to you and your struggles, and to listen carefully and help you gain more understanding of what is keeping you stuck.  Current difficulties are often the symptoms of unresolved painful experiences, or the repetition of certain habitual patterns of thinking and behaving, which might have served you in the past, but which are no longer useful or helpful to you. 

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.
— Rumi

    With an authenticnon-judgmental and compassionate stance, I help you identify and process the deep-rooted unresolved issues and negative beliefs about yourself that are the source of current pain, and to achieve different and broader perspectives. One of the goals of therapy will be for you to incorporate self-careself-compassion and self-confidence within you.

    As you experience being truly seen, valued and understood in therapy, you become more connected with yourself and others in an authentic way that empowers you to let go of the past, and make positive changes and healthier choices for a more satisfying life.  

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— Rumi



    Therapy is a transformative experience that can produce lasting positive changes. Research has shown that it the quality of the therapeutic relationship that is the biggest predictor for successful outcome in therapy. It is the authenticity, empathy and nonjudgmental stance of the therapist and their match or fit to you that will provide you with the supportive therapeutic environment necessary for healing. It is, therefore,  important to find a therapist who is right for you.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion
— Buddha

    I understand how daunting it may feel to take that first step, to reach out for help, especially for those who have never been in therapy before. I offer a 20-minute in-person initial consultation at no charge to help you determine if you would like to work with me. Contact me to schedule your initial consultation.