Therapy For Therapists

    My own experiences (good, bad, and sometimes, unfortunately ugly) in trying to find my own therapist, and in therapy sessions as a client, has made me ultra-sensitive to the needs of therapists seeking their own therapy. I have found that being in therapy with the right therapist, (i.e., someone who is attuned, and and can demonstrate proficiency and confidence that they can help) has helped me immensely to work through and heal from the past, and to identify and work towards my personal goals. It has also deepened my clinical work dramatically, in ways that I couldn't have simply done with consultation, or training workshops alone.

    If you are a therapist seeking your own therapist, I invite you to schedule an initial consultation (at no charge) to determine if you'd like to work with me. It takes intense courage for us therapists to make ourselves vulnerable in a way that we ask of our clients, and to turn our attention inward, towards our own defensive walls and unmet needs. I commend this first step you are taking, and look forward to meeting you.